Savings Sharing (ESCO) Model

The Energy Service Company (ESCO) Model is based on the principle that the investment of projects that will provide energy savings is realized by an ESCO company, the project is operated by the ESCO company during the specified contract period, and the savings generated by the project are shared between the parties at certain rates.

With the ESCO business model Santral Enerji has developed, Santral Enerji invests in the solar power plant to be installed on the roofs of its customers; carries out the operation, maintenance and repair works during the contract period; and covers all fees, taxes and distribution costs arising from official applications and afterwards.

Since the higher the performance of the SPP to be installed and the more smoothly it operates, the higher Santral Enerji’s income will be, our customers are assured that Santral Enerji will use products of the highest quality and technology and observe the highest engineering standards.

Long Term Sales

Our company can provide long-term financing for the entire project cost, including equipment, labor, official permits and taxes, in installments indexed to the electricity generation of the SPP.

Different maturity options can be provided in line with the demands of our customers.

SPP Installation

Continuous and unpredictable increases in electricity costs have negatively affected the profitability of businesses, and reducing energy costs has become one of the most important items on the agenda of companies. On the other hand, country administrations and private institutions are rapidly increasing the measures they take to reduce their carbon footprint against global warming.


Solar Power Plants (SPP) installed on rooftops have become an important option to reduce energy costs thanks to the support mechanisms announced in the Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation published on May 12, 2019, and have become the focus of attention, especially by businesses with large roof areas such as factories and warehouses.


However, the installation and operation of SPP, which has quite different dynamics from the main business line of the enterprises and requires the right technical know-how, brings many risks for investors. Considering that the economic life of the investment to be made is 30 years, a wrong choice can cause great losses.


Starting from having the solar panels to be used in the project inspected in the factory, our company reveals that both design and installation are carried out in accordance with IEC standards by having them inspected by its own independent audit organizations and provides this information to its customers.


Our Difference


We provide a "Performance Guarantee" for every Solar Power Plant we install, and we guarantee it with a letter of guarantee.


When the panels to be used are produced, we have the panels inspected by TÜV in the factory and we only accept approved panels.


We guarantee roof tightness.


We provide a firm and indefinite letter of guarantee against the advance payment.

Project Development

Sun-Unlimited A.Ş., one of the founders of the company, has been active in the solar energy sector since 2017 and has been involved in over 350MW of projects including Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia and Afghanistan. Some of the services provided to many investor and contractor companies are listed below.


Investment and Tender Consultancy


Contract Management


Creating Technical Specifications


Construction Period Field Inspection


Customer relations management


Project Development

In addition, irrigation and infrastructure project development activities are continuing in different regions of the world with leading organizations in the sector.

SPP Land Development

On August 11, 2022, with the amendment made in the Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation, the region limitation for on-land SPP installations was abolished, and the electricity generated in the SPP to be installed anywhere in Turkey, including the consumption facilities within the OIZ, can be supplied to the grid and consumed in a consumption facility in another region.


On the other hand, lands suitable for the installation of SPPs must meet certain technical conditions in addition to the limitations set by law and regulation.


Our company identifies suitable lands for SPPs in all regions and manages all official processes until the land is ready for SPP installation.